Who can I send messages to?

To avoid potential legal penalties (and angry customers), it is recommended to always get permission from the subscriber who you will be sending messages to.

In the world of Business to Consumer and Business to Business, SMS communications proper digital etiquette dictates that you should have explicit consent before sending any text messages to folks you are communicating with via SMS. Whether you are marketing to someone or sending a verification of an appointment, you need prior written consent.  This is critical to ensure your success and will protect you from being subject to legal penalties.


SMSGorilla Suggests: 

  • Create opt-in lists by
    • Enticing them to go to an online form to opt-in
    • Offer contest entries that have an opt in for SMS
    • Use digital marketing to drive an inbound SMS using a keyword to a mobile number or short code
  • Include special offers, new product updates or other valuable information on your blog or websites and always give them a way to opt in
  • Include “message and data rates may apply” in your opt-in language
    • This will only be shown the first time when customers subscribe – you don’t have to include it each time 
  • Inform your subscribers on frequency and type of messages they will be receiving