What is wireless carrier filtering?

The landscape of wireless carrier filtering in the U.S. and Canada is changing rapidly and we will do our best to pass on everything we know.

Carrier guidelines in the US

Message length should not exceed 160 characters per SMS. Any additional characters above 160 will result in multiple messages and an additional message cost.

Sprint does not support concatenation and messages will be delivered as multiple segments.


Compliance considerations

At SMSGorilla, we do not definitively know how many messages can be sent from a long code before a user can expect to hit a filter. However, we recommend following the guidelines mentioned in Messaging Principles and Basic Practices published by CTIA in Jan. 2017, where CTIA suggests that application-to-peer (A2P) messaging that is "consistent with typical human operation" should be expected to be deliverable across the messaging ecosystem.


Some key attributes of typical human operation include:

Throughput: 15-60 messages per minute

Unique Recipients: 200 unique recipients per day