How often should I send messages to a subscriber?

No one likes to be bombarded with tons of text messages, especially if they are from the same company/person, offering the same promotion.

At SMSGorilla, we have standards and rules behind how we send your messages out, in order to ensure high deliverability.

  • Requirements and Restrictions:
    • We require you to send at a rate of 1 SMS per minute/per DID. This velocity will be enforced by our systems, so you might as well not send any faster. If you do, messages will be held in the Velocity Queue.
    • Let me tell you about the Velocity Queue. To ensure your best deliverability, we have built a system that will enforce the 1 message per DID rule. Messages will be put in the queue in the order they are received. At a random interval, somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes, messages in the queue will get dispatched. By way of example, if you send 60 messages on only 1 DID, it will take more than an hour for them to get delivered.
    • To calculate your output capacity, simply think of number of DIDs per minute. In other words, if you have a 1000 DIDs, you will be able to deliver 1000 messages per minute. Note, however, that conversational traffic i.e., a recipient is responding with something other than a STOP message, will be instantly white-listed and will no longer be bound by the Velocity Queue.
    • You can send a MAX of 50 SMS per day/per DID, but the recommendation is a max of 20 per day.
    • We also suggest you:
      • Do not include links in your messages as Carriers have identified links as a simple way for them to detect and restrict unwanted marketing traffic.
      • If it is required for your campaign to send with a link, keep in mind you will work against the spam filters put in place by the MNOs (Mobile Network Operator).