How do I purchase and manage numbers?

Numbers are also referred to as DIDs and can be easily purchased, managed, and released as you wish.

Purchasing Numbers

To purchase numbers, you must first make sure you have added enough funds to cover the amount of number(s) you will be purchasing. Once you have added funds,  you may submit a DID Order Request by sending an email to from the email address that was used to setup your account.

DIDs will be loaded into your account for use and will be set for automatic renewal billed monthly on the date of purchase. If you would like to cancel your DIDs, be sure to submit a DID Release Request via email to at least 48 business hours prior to your renewal date.

Managing Your Numbers

The “download CSV” button only downloads the currently presented page of DIDs, not all of them on your account. If you need to export large amounts of data, please contact a member of our client success team to assist.