Answers to the questions we hear the most.

Q: How do I get started as a customer with SMSGorilla?

A: Once you register through the portal at www.SMSGorilla.com, an account is created in the Database and in our accounting system. 

  • A Slack notification goes out to our Sales Team, with details about the newly created customer (first name, last name, email, ID).
  • From there, the Sales Team will assign a salesperson to you and the onboarding process will begin.
  • A support channel for you will be created in Slack.
  • Billing rates will be established for you and DIDs can then be purchased.
  • Our Tech Team will place the DID order with the carriers.


Q: When sending messages, what is the difference between delivered and completed?

A:  Sometimes nothing, sometimes the carrier doesn’t send a DLR. Sometimes the DLR says completed instead of delivered or rejected. Some carriers send “delivered” in all cases.


Q: How do I release numbers?

A: To release your numbers, you must contact your Sales Rep or your Client Success Manager and they will  assist you with doing so.  We require 48 hours’ notice before the  number renewal date of you DIDs, in order to release the numbers prior to being billed for renewal. 


Q: What is auto-recharge for?

 All accounts must have auto-recharge setup in order to have a minimum balance equal to or greater than the cost to renew all of your DIDs for a month. If you don’t have auto-recharge established, then your account must have enough funds to cover the renewal of all DIDs for a single month in your wallet. If you chose the latter, make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to cover your campaigns, as well as your DID costs.


Q: What do you suggest on the speed of sending?

Generally speaking, slower is better for the health of your DIDs. Sending fewer messages per day per DID and sending them slower all help keep the reputation of your DIDs up. 1 SMS per minute per DID is the max speed you can send. That being said, we recommend you send slower. Also, if you are sending messages that do not include links and are receiving inbound messages  that aren’t STOP or any other form of Opt-out, this all adds to more success in reputation management.